May 23, 2013


Hey guys!

Sorry for sporadic updates, not that this should be a surprise to anyone ;)
It's been non-stop crazy ever since I came back, with little sign of slowing down!

I just wanted to inform everyone that, due to some major style and interest back-tracks, I have made a new blog to cater to these changes! Because the nature of Seiso Hime is to cater to girls who want a sweet, dainty appearance, it seemed unfitting to post about hard rock and glamorous fashion. To me, it felt like posting about these old-to-new interests on this blog would be a complete betrayal of what this site was intended to be: a place for the feminine, the light, and the dainty.

As a result, I definitely intend to keep Seiso Hime online. However, I most likely will not update as often because I imagine my current interests will absorb more of my attention. But I do know that there are at least a few readers who have found valuable information here, so I definitely don't want to take such posts away from anyone who might enjoy them.

With this in mind,
I welcome everyone over to my new site: Visual Barbie!

This site will be different from Seiso Hime in the fact that it's more of an experimental blog--this means more coordinates, makeup attempts, and daily posts in addition to occasional translations. It will be much less information-focused (though of course I hope to do a few of those posts, too!) and more personal in nature.

I hope you'll come take a peak sometime! Once I get more China pictures edited, I'll be sure to write some posts on that, too~ ;)

Have a great day~! XOXO

April 28, 2013


Hey guys--I am SO sorry for the lack of updates! This time I actually get to blame the great Firewall of China instead of my crappy upkeep skills xD
But the good news is that as of yesterday I'm home~!! And Blonde again!!!

I have to be honest, I don't know that I'm mentally prepared to do a full on post at the moment. The past three weeks have been full of late nights and all-nighters full of experiences that make the drowsy days and acne break outs totally worth it! But the least I can do is throw in a few pics until I can get a few summary blogs up~

I also plan on doing REAL coordinate posts soon since I picked a few note worthy items on the trip (and because I've really been working on my personal fashion lately to a point where I feel comfortable with myself again ❤ The irony is that it's a bit of a back-track to my previous style before, but I love that's all that matters, right? ;) But more news on that later♩)

The majority of my trip was spent studying in Xiamen, a beautiful Pacific island in South China. Xiamen could easily be compared to Hawaii for the US or Jeju for South Korea--it's warm, clean, and a major destination within the country. It's also known for its wedding activities and its beautiful beaches  ❤

While I also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Fuzhou, and Hong Kong during the trip, I'll save those pictures for later posts. For now, here's a glimpse into life in Xiamen ❤

Definitely much, much more to come, so stay tuned! ❤❤❤